Niche Program + Coaching Support

$3,600.00 USD

Niche On Purpose Program (choose one):
* Clarify Your Vision For Success
* Define Your Niche Business
* Create Offers That Sell
* Speak What You Do & Enroll Clients
(Value: $997)

**8-Hours of Private Coaching** 
In Person or Virtual. (Value: $4,000)

Private Coaching Console.  Client logs, coaching progress & tracking, email coaching, etc.  (Value: $500)

**Choosing this option provides access to the virtual programs as a self-guided process + 8-Hours of private coaching to support you to move forward powerfully.**

Total Value: $5,497

What People Are Saying:

"My mind is sort of blown, again... My life and biz coach and mentor Debby Eubank did a VIP day with me yesterday and what happened was astounding... We broke down the life I want to live-- I want to take multiple trips to Europe a year, visit Portland often, not overwork, and be able to teach and have my info product! We took a year long calendar and mapped every obligation I have to find out when are optimal times for me to roll out my info product, when to promote it, when are optimal times when I am teaching less (and not facilitating my info product) to take trips to Europe. "YOU NEED TO WORK WITH THIS LADY...missing piece of the puzzle. No woman is an island." My whole entire professional career has been transformed and I found the peace and happiness I was looking for by doing what makes me happy instead of doing things that just make me money!! I think the most amazing part of this process is discovering what you think is making you happy, might actually be making you miserable. I feel like one million tons have been lifted and my stress has disappeared. It's such an unexpected journey! I feel like what I am working on now is my dream professionally and I cannot believe I have been torturing myself for so long. I give a million no's these days to make room for the yes's! So many good things! All thanks to your amazing life purpose coaching. Life is SO much easier. I can breathe! My friend Liz even described me as "powerfully calm." I'm getting exactly the life that I want because of coaching with Debby Eubank -- If any of this resonates with you, I would recommend working with her. I would not have been able to do this on my own, because at the end of our first program, I tried, and the thing I learned is everyone needs support emotionally, spiritually, and you get all of this with biz / finance and time management support.

Jenna Soard, Founder of You Can Brand

The Niche On Purpose program was exceptionally transformational for my business! After struggling professionally for years, Debby helped me to clarify and clearly articulate what I do, why I do it (my big why Story), the specific benefits of what I offer, and to develop my new Adrenal Fatigue Recovery programs. Debby's program really helped me to understand who I support (women struggling with adrenal fatigue), their specific problems from their point of view, and then to easily develop a serious of programs that truly serve my clients' needs. Now I have programs that are in complete alignment with my own purpose and values!

Claire Bissonnette, Founder of Creative Balance Health

I am celebrating that I am clear about who my tribe is and the doorway in to my work. It is easy to speak and easy to talk about and feels very right. I felt the foundation of my value of what I have to offer coming through my words. I am feeling very strong to move forward in my business! I am filled with such clarity on how I can speak about what I do, the programs I offer, and how to reach the audience I am seeking. It is so clear now that back, neck, shoulder pain is the entry point with my clients and I feel an ease with it. In fact I laugh at how easy it truly is!!

Tarnie Fulloon, Embodiment Mentor, Author, Speaker

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